The Editor gives the new meaning to condominium by redefining the urban lifestyle inspired by classic aesthetics
through modernism perspectives and illustrating innovative concept through simple architectural lines and
patterns of modern design. The smart floorplan and exquisite details showcase the classical style.
The result is The Editor Vertical Village, comprising 23 floors, redefining the classic architecture through the lens of
modern “Classic with a Twist” way of life.

The Editor : High Rise Condominium With High-end Facilities
• A-List Lobby
• Dialogue Meeting Room 
• Oasis Yard
• Club Vital Fitness
• Blue Horizon Pool
• Vista Jacuzzi
• Squash Club
• Wisdom Library
• Exclusive Modernist Lounge
• Sky Arena Amphitheatre
• Serenity Yoga
• Tech 24 Wi-Fi